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Title Shaolin Mantis
Runtime 96 minutes
Year 1978
Imdb Imdb
Language Mandarin
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Genre Drama
Cast David ChiangLily LiChia Yung LiuCecilia WongNorman ChuJohn CheungWah CheungMiao ChingPing HaChi Cheng HoHou HsiaoHoi Sang LeeKing Chu LeeKe Ming LinChia-Hui Liu

Movie's description

Skilled martial arts director Lau Ka Leung offers you another Kung Fu treat! this Asian classic introduces viewers to the Shaolin Mantis way of fighting! The tale takes you back to the Qing dynasty & Wei Feng (David Keung), the son of a Qing official who tries to unveil facts about a revolt. The grand daughter (Wong Hang Sau) of the farmer community where his investigation takes him, sacrifices her life to save him in the end. Managing to escape unscathed, he promises to hunt down the girl's killer and therefore creates the effective technique of Shaolin Mantis. …

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