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Title Brave Archer 4
Runtime 100 minutes
Year 1982
Imdb Imdb
Language Mandarin
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Genre Drama, Romance
Cast Shinpachirô AsakaUtaemon IchikawaYaeko KumoiWakako KunitomoShôzô NanbuShen ChanTe-kai ChenSheng ChiangSiu-Ho ChinKin Ping ChowKe ChuSheng FuKara HuiFeng HungHsin Nan HungFeng KuanPhilip KwokWai LamDanny LeeLily Li

Movie's description

Guo Jing and Huang Rong return to Peach Blossom Island and are shocked to see that Guo's first martial arts teachers, the "Seven Freaks of Jiangnan", have all been murdered except for Ke Zhen'e. Guo Jing is tricked into believing that Huang Rong's father, Huang Yaoshi, is responsible for the murders and he attempts to avenge his teachers by fighting Huang Yaoshi. The intelligent Huang Rong eventually uncovers the truth and reveals that the murders are actually part of a plot masterminded by Ouyang Feng and Yang Kang. Ouyang and Yang want to make Guo Jing and Huang Yaoshi kill each other and Yang can learn Ouyang's newly mastered skills from the fake copy of the Nine Yin Manual.

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